Upload Your Own Custom Ad

Submit your ad, exactly as it will appear on the calendar!

How It Works:

  • Go to
  • Select “Upload Your Own Ad” under All Categories
  • Select ad size purchased (Half/Single/Double)
  • Click on product
  • Upload artwork
    1. Choose Select in the Upload Image box
    2. Select the Upload button and select desired file
  • Click the Refresh Preview button
  • Select Edit to make minor adjustments if necessary
  • Click Next
    1. If you receive an “Image is too low” warning, you must choose a higher
      resolution file for submission. Low resolution files will not print clearly!
  • Enter name of business and click Next
  • Select the group you purchased the ad from in the dropdown under Charitable Group
  • Check the box to approve and Add to Cart
  • Complete Checkout (we need billing information but no charges will be incurred)