Can I start my calendar with any month of the year?

Yes, you can choose any month of the year for your calendar start month!

What do I have to enter into the online ordering site?

The online ordering site is a very important aspect of your calendar order. This is where you will enter your advertising information, listings, calendar details, quantities and shipping information.

What if I need to change my order?

If you made a mistake on your order and you requested a proof, please submit the needed correction at the proofing time. If you did not request for a proof to be sent but realized you made a mistake, contact your Fundraising Representative as soon as possible. Depending on where the order is at in the process and what the mistake is, will determine if it can be corrected. With that being said, we always strive for our customers to be fully satisfied. We will do our best to ensure this!

What if GBC Fundraising makes a mistake on my order?

GBC Fundraising takes pride in our internal processes to avoid mistakes on our customers products. However, if we do make a mistake on your order, we will absolutely correct it. Please let us know as soon as you can.

Will I get a proof of my order before it prints?

Yes, if you request a proof of your calendar, we will absolutely send one to you prior to the calendar printing. At that point, you can make any needed changes or corrections.