11×20 inch calendar

Our Pictorial Calendar is a popular choice for groups who desire to feature multiple photos each year. Our standard Pictorial offers a unique picture each month, front & back cover customization, and all standard holidays.

  • The Pictorial provides an opportunity for higher profit margins compared to other fundraising products, with multiple ways to enhance revenue & spread awareness.
  • Pair your calendar with an online photo contest, sell advertising, give the calendars away for donations – or all of the above!
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Monthly Photos

Our standard Pictorial includes a front cover photo, back cover thumbnails, and a single photo per month – with options to feature multiple photos or collages throughout your calendar.

Pad Layout

Modern layouts include business card style ads with optional drop-shadows. Choose between 4, 8, 12, or no ads. A traditional pad offers even more room for ads, with the option of 6, 12, or 18 ads.

Pad Styles

We offer a traditional pad style with large dates that take up the majority of the date block, and an appointment pad style with room to write.


  • Add a Personalized Story or Ads

    Make each month truly unique with personalized stories, advertising, listings, date block photos or all of these options throughout your calendar.

  • Listings & Pictures on Date Blocks

    Add a photo background to dates throughout a calendar month, as well as important date listings.

  • Include Additional Ads or Your Group’s Info

    Maximize profits with additional ad space or include the web address of your organization to help people find their way back to you.


Date block photos
Fire Safety Tips
Bi-monthly Recipes
Personalized Stories


Ensure your campaign’s success with these downloadable resources for web and print use.

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