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Raise at least $5K annually with no upfront costs.


On Average Lake City Music Booster Raises $5K+ A Year

The profits we make on the calendar go to fund various activities. In the past that money has gone towards expenses for band and choir trips to destinations including, Chicago, Florida, Boston, Wyoming, Tennessee, and Michigan."

Lake City Music Booster
A Fundraising Program That Works

In 2022, We Helped 2000+ Missions

We help thousands of organizations every year run fundraisers that work. Our proven system generates tens of thousands of dollars, which is why many of our customers have been running GBC fundraisers for over 60 years straight. It all centers around a simple but powerful idea: using custom printed calendars as a way to raise awareness and increase donations.

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How it Works

3 Simple Steps to Fundraising Success

1. Discover

Choose how you want to raise money with your calendar. Strategies include: Donation letters, Ad Sales, Photo Sponsors.

2. Create

Choose how your calendars look: we offer a completely customizable calendar that can start on any month of the year.

3. Distribute

Choose how your calendars are delivered. There are many ways you can distribute your calendars– it all comes down to cost vs. convenience.


More Than A Calendar

High ROI

Tear sheet calendars are of high quality and of value so that you keep most of your income, even before your donations start coming in. Photo sponsor generates great income opportunity for you as well. 

Highly Repeatable

The calendar project is repeatable year after year. People will come to expect it. 

Ongoing Benefits

The calendars can be used to create awareness, promote school events, recruit members, and a host of other items. They are highly visible, durable, and provide value 12 months of the year! 

No Upfront Costs

There are no out-of-pocket expenses. By selling ads at the suggested prices, you will cover the cost of the calendars and generate significant income. 

No Selling of Products

Use the calendar to promote your school events, community events, or for recruiting more students. 

You Control The Money

You are not asking for donations, you are selling advertisement space that is visible all year long. 


On Average San Saba Dilloettes Raises $5K+ A Year

Sold 500 Calendars

Made $3,500 in ad sales


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